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Tame Couple of Weeks for Stocks

April 30, 2020

Other than a deep plunge in oil prices early last week (which subsequently stabilized), it has been a fairly tame couple of weeks for stocks.  It can be summed up very well by a market strategist who stated that on one hand, the markets are engaged in a key battle between the worst evolving fundamental (economic) picture in our lifetimes and on the other, the largest set of liquidity injections in history (the Federal Reserve and Washington have injected $2.5 trillion across four packages, a fifth is already in the works).  Right now the markets have been siding with the Fed and have used this massive liquidity as a basis to stabilize and move higher.  However, as stated in the past, there is a long way to go in this constantly evolving process so patience will be the key.

Your well-being is of foremost importance. We will continue to monitor the economic and market implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and make accessible updates as soon as they are available.

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