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Special Commentaries

Volatility Persists, but Fundamentals Haven’t Faltered 4.26.2022

Understanding the Impact of War in Ukraine 3.4.2022


Both Economy and Biden Administration Face Tougher Challenges Ahead 4.26.2021

Thoughts Around the Infrastructure Proposal 4.05.2021

Speculative Trading is Only One Reason Why Market Volatility is High 1.29.2021

Stocks Suffer Worst Day in Nearly Three Months  9.3.2020

GDP Plummets, But What Does the Future Hold? 7.30.2020

Predictions for the Rest of 2020 5.8.2020

With Nowhere to Store Oil, Prices Plunge 4.20.2020October 2021

Stock Markets Rebound, But Questions Linger 4.17.2020

Fed is on the Move Again 4.9.2020

We are in a Recession Already 4.6.2020

Setting Expectations for the 2nd Quarter 4.1.2020

Despite Strong Week, Caution is Still the Best Strategy 3.30.2020

Congress Comes to Preliminary Agreement on $2 Trillion Package 3.25.2020

Stimulus is Here and More is Coming 3.17.2020

Fed Meets Early, Cut Rates to Zero 3.16.2020

Stocks Trigger Circuit Breakers 3.12.2020


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